Advanced Website Development


Albert Einstein at Sovay Conference 1927Old weird white guys? Well, yes, but look, closer. That's Albert Einstein front and center. If it wasn't for Al, this webpage wouldn't load. Sadly, he doesn't work at Umbrella, either.From straightforward brochure-style informational websites to highly advanced e-commerce and data-driven web portals, Umbrella offers the latest functionality your customers and clients demand.

If it’s on the web, we do it: Joomla, Wordpress, custom programming (Javascript, HTML, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, CSS... {finally ends techno jargon here}. Umbrella has been a leading midwest web developer since 2003.

Popular features we offer:

  • Video, audio & photo galleries
  • Advanced shopping carts
  • Online product catalogs
  • Interactive slide shows
  • Geo-centric multi-location mapping
  • Online chat for sales & customer support
  • Full-featured blogs
  • Online survey & forms generators
  • & much more...

Want to see it work? Check out our website functionality demos below...

Shopping Carts

Umbrella offers affordable, advanced online shopping carts with automatic shipping rates, destination sales tax, couponing - all the features today's shoppers expect. Our shopping carts are PCI compliant and easy to update and maintain. You can even get your own mobile shopping app!

Check out the Roaring Rat Films product catalog below.

Online Chat

Online chat is a new visitor's preferred way to interact with you.

Your visitors prefer to keep their anonymity. Fact. Chat offers them a safe and non-threatening way to reach out. Customer support, sales questions, general inquiries - chat can be your best way to keep them engaged without abusing their interest.

See that little blue Chat? button down below? (Keep looking, it's down there!) Click or tap on it and say hi. Imagine all the new connections this could help you build with your clients, customers and prospects.


Better listings on Google? Build credibility and audience interaction? Blogging can help. Check out the blogs on two of our favorite clients (links open in new windows):

Geo-Centric Multi-Asset Location Mapping

What the heck is "geo-whatever"? Let's say you have multiple locations you'd like to highlight. Or maybe you want to show installations of your products or services. Wait, how about showing all the properties you have for sale. Yeah, geo-whatever does that. In spades.

Check out three of our favorite clients' geo-mapping pages (links open in new windows):

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